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University Slay queen almost kill£d after stealing 900k from an officer

Kijana wa Msituni

Active member

A photo of a lady saved by the DCI just hours before her life was tak£n away by her boyfriend after she conned him Ksh 900,000 have now hit the internet.

Sandra Njoki, a student at the Mt Kenya University in Thika, was allegedly being hunted by her boyfriend Edwin Omuse, who disappeared from duty on Wednesday armed with a G3 rifle, on a mission to k1ll her.

An enraged Omuse stormed out of Kangeta GK Prison in Meru carrying the riffle in a sack. The rifle which had been stripped had a magazine loaded with 20 rounds of ammunition.

He was set to travel to Thika to kill Njoki whom he alleged had defrauded him Sh900,000 that he had borrowed from a bank.

Efforts to trace the warder gone rogue in Meru became fruitless, after he disappeared from the prison, where he had been assigned sentry duties. The last eyewitnesses who saw Omuse in Meru, told detectives that they had spotted him on a fast-moving motorbike.

According to DCI, Omuse later made a phone call after visiting the girl’s parent’s home urging her to meet.

He assembled the firearm and made another call to the girlfriend, who is a fourth-year student, inquiring on her whereabouts.

Lucky, the DCI intercepted the call and managed to save the young woman before she met with him.

Njoki is pursuing a course in environmental health, at the university’s main campus in Thika.

checkout the twitter thread from DCI below

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