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Sad story read today...The things women go through because of below written by Eve Chege

The kind of fetish3s people have is insanely crazy.

During campus life, a friend of mine used to date a white rich dude and she had dropped out. Hakuwa anakuja madaro

She lived I am apartment in Riverside, weeh she drive a range rover hiyo time the latest Model. Weeh lanes...

Mzungu akitaka kukuja, alikuwa anatuma pesa kwanza, msichana anashughulika.

That's buying groceries and plan got getaways for the bae. So, this time round things were different
he mentioned he's coming with a friend. My friend didn't bother she was comfortable the more the merrier I think.

The white guy landed and he was accompanied by a gentleman... My friend used to go MIA when the guy lands so tulikuwa tumezoea ...I got a call early morning from her, asking me for a favor. She wanted me to get her clothes from her house and bring them to Aga Khan Hospital 😳

Sema kushtuka, I was really concerned and started asking her what happened and if she's okay?? She mentioned to that she's from surgery tutaongea nikifika😳

....ndio huyo mimi mpakaa riverside weeh, kuingia tu kwa compund she had to authorize ...that ananijua and she's the one who sent me.

Life is just for the living.

Weeh, this girl was really living the dream life. Views nazo... But kulikuwa an a lady there who was cleaning up the mess.

Walikuwa wamepiga sherehe kweli kweli ...Package her bag and dashed to hospital quickly, getting them am directed to go to private wing, weeh. Room.ilikuwa inakaa nyumba mzima

She was in bandages and looked to be in a lot of pain...Nurse akaniita kando kuniuliza kama I know what happened to her?

The nurse mentioned that the doctor wanted to call the police cause she was really abused.

Nikauliza nurse why they wanted to call the cops? Waah, nikaanza kutaka kujua why she was from surgery. Nurse told me she had to be stitched her nippl3s😱 and she had bad cuts,on her [email protected] wall. She had to be removed some glass particles 😭😭😭

.vile aliamka she told that all those bruises came from role play but there was no s3xual contact 😨 Wacha Eve, ashtuke🤣🤣

...nikashindwa all that pain and cuts and there was no s3xual contact. She started narrating the order of events.

She was in linger1e and the two guys asked her that they would love to role play.

Dem alikuwa amahangiwa kama nyama za butchery, through her nippl3s 😫😫

No wonder alikuwa anastichiwa nippl3s then I asked how about the cuts down there...akaniambia walikuwa wanaingiza chupa huko ndani as they [email protected] 😭😭😭 And so much more
I asked her, how she got to hospital...
Dem akaniambia that they guys dropped her there and left 😭😭😭

Tulijaribu kupiga simu the guy was mteja😨 just cut the story shot. Same alisema hawezi change her lifestyle juu ya kit kama hiyo. 🤣

Alipona na akarudia white guy🤣

People out here are doing crazy, things just for the show na enjoyment.

Msichana alipona na akarudi soko😐

Anyway, I never judge. Maisha ni yako.


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