SAD: Migrating Wildbeast chased away by Residents (VIDEO)

Kijana wa Msituni

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This country is getting worse as time goes.A viral video has circulated for the better part of the day of locals in a Kenyan camp chasing away the wild beasts that were trying to cross the river to the other side of the road.


A camp by the name of Mara Ngenche constructed a camp on the crossing side of this wild animals.

As the wild beasts were crossing the river to the other side as their norm(The Great Wildebeest migration) ,residents from the camp could be seen on the video below chasing them back to where they came from.Government should definitely intervene.

Mara Ngenche have so far disabled their Comment section of their social media page to avoid the wrath of Kenyans who were angry for the actions they did.

What they did is just horrible .How can they interfere with the nature

This is just sad, extent people do for money.Comment your thoughts?
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