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NIKUBAYA!Why you should not Defend Edgar Obare on Instagram

Kijana wa Msituni

Active member
Seems defending Edgar Obare on Instagram might cost you your Instagram Account.Here is why

images (83).jpeg

Edgar Obare's account went missing last week, this was due to deactivation done by Instagram following reports by users sitting Bullying and going against Instagram community standards.

This prompted edgar to post on his back up account message for followers to assist appeal in order to get his account back.See the screenshot below


The problem with statement above is that the account was deleted wrongly..Zukabaga is one person who is very strict on following his rules and Guidelines whether FB or IG...The statement mentioned above is the opposite,Edgar violated Community standards of Instagram regarding Bullying,keeping users safe when using Instagram.

You see when Edgar accused many people without any proof on Wash Wash story that's where violation of community standards comes in,Instagram doesnt care about Disclaimers posted on the stories.

One of the Edgar Student reported the issue regarding Edgar's account ,this action did not go down well as her personal Instagram Account was then Deleted permanently.She had to create another account

Here is the narration of her ordeal.Others also faced the same issue.



Her new Instagram Account 👇👇👇
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