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I have always had a thing for luos ever since I realised I was a woman. No matter how hard I try to evade..I find the people revolving around my love life being luos. Yeah I have been ranting a lot about luo men being, and sometimes I say I love them with their 568 gfs

This is my initiation story.


The first luo I dated...tulidate for about 7/8 months If I am not wrong...and honestly this was the worst months of my life. Funny how this one L made me just focus on myself....I was untainted wen we started dating and have always wanted to preserve for my future husband

I was very green and naive. N1gga told me that nowadays for a rship to work, we must shag. Hehe ju nilikuwa nimemkufia and I saw potential in him....haha at 19?. Thought we'd end up getting married. I decided to give it a shot

The first red flag I should have seen, when we first shagged ju definitely inakuaga very painful...I was crying and holding my legs together ...nigga was like ' I sall slap you nyako fungua miguu'?? na ju tu ya naivety nikadecide kumaintain


Girls love attention and to be babied..I neva got any of that leave alone being loved? ata I was wondering what kinda luo this was..ju ata kibandaski sikuwahi ona..wen I date, I wnt to be shown off, to be flaunted...yk
My man was working kwa big org in nrb alikuwa na float

My man had a bestie...a female bestie...haha chubwi!? Each time I went to his place I'd find the chille uko na ata my feelings hazikui protected. Then jioni ikifika the girl is like 'Otieno tunakula nini' then my guy would give her cash anunue supper.

So ata nikirudi kwangu nawaacha uko wameekeleana miguu as the friends they nikimuliza anasema he doesn't like insecure and emotional freaks...they are just friends akuna kitu wanaendeleza??

Mind you, this chille alikuaga ananiangalia vibaya kila time.. some day tulikuwa tunawatch tv at my man's the three of us, I talked to Otieno..dem akanizima zile za ' nyamaza nataka kuwatch' brooooooo the fuckery and audacity of this gal.? Then my man ako tu apo acting all fine

The bestie would spend nights at my luo man's bedsitter and I was supposed to act all times adi anakaa one week straight..nikamconfront and Jamaa akasema wametoka na bestie mbali and he'd let me go for her?...but since I loved him..I apologized for being insecure?

Nilikuwa na feelings that this guy was not being straight with me, but I still stayed bro... he'd exclude me from seeing his status updates akipost tuschana twake..akatie my big bootied friends ju mimi nakuaga na flats mbili uko nyuma. Unaeza niita landlady?

angeambia mabeste zangu ni mimi namtakaga...I'm not his ideal woman nimenona sana nakaa fridge because of my non existent kinada?? ..' chali yako anakupenda ama tumpee pombe atuambie ukweli?'

Siku Moja akakam kunitembelea at my place ( nyumba haulipi rent btw muache kuenda)
Then I asked for his phone...then he didn't's like he just wanted me to break up with him..kufungua wozzap karibu nikimbie referral kuongezwa maji vanee....


I didn't go thru contacts convos..nilienda kwa search icon...and searched words like ' umefika wapi? Unakam? Nakupenda? How was it? P2.. I'm single' and others...and what I saw there...yeah men are

Then what hurt the most, the previous day I had asked to see him but akanisho anaenda job io sato kwa convos alikuwa ameenda kwa some chiq kupeana shtick?? these luos got phds in lying bro.

And the chille was all excited kwa texts ju alikuwa anaambiwa anapendwa and all..vile her pu_ssy and juicy vile ye upenda?
Maaan I cried..the humiliation manze...and broke up with him asap nikidhani atanifuata to apologize...poleni haki niliwaangusha??

That was in my dreams..apparently
A week later, I call him and apologize for taking his phone??? and that I wanted him back.....I saw potential in him. Daaamn I was dumb af....we got back a month to my graduation...invited him coz I wanted to intro him

...and also wanted him to be there for me. Nigga never showed day alipost madem wengine wakigraduate..he Neva even congratulated me??kazi nikuniuliza nimetoa wapi kofia ya graduation nikamsho nilidownload jumia....

Anyways..we broke up Cha ukweli one day after my graduation..and I healed... though it took me thru hills and drained me af. What I can tell y'all, leave at the first red flag before they step on you
Ata siaminigi nilipona bro???

For a reason mamangu uniambia nisiwahi haribu hii Urembo yote kwa wajaluo ju watanivunja roho tu bure??ni kama aliona maono


Written by Dee Kiluu
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