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Employer Mugenda Paul explains events leading to the lady thrown from 12th Floor..Weh


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A gentleman by the name of Mugenda Paul has broken silence regarding the ongoing issue where the lady was thrown from 12th Floor.From the narrative it seemed the mainstream media and bloggers shared a different story from the one that actually transpired that day. This shows that media houses and bloggers need to do thorough research before publishing a story and not depend on hearsay.They never verify the facts, they pick the story online and run with it.


Read the post below from Mugenda Paul (Pictured below) who is the employer of the Moses Gatama who allegedly threw the lady from 12th Floor after refusing to have s3x with him after a date.Do you believe his version of what happened that day?

Mugenda Paul.jpg

I have observed and read different stories and versions about the recent incident where its alleged that a 20 year old woman was thrown out of a building in town while drinking with her boyfriend.

The said incident occurred in one of my offices. The boyfriend, (moses gatama) was my employee so I believe I have a clear picture of how events occurred that night.
Now, going back, the incident occurred on Sunday, evening - a day we were all supposed to be out for weekend and out of work.
The couple bought alcohol, food and went ahead to sneak in the office to relax that evening. The accounts on how they accessed the building should be given by the security guards on duty that day.

They went ahead, got high, then the incident occurred.
The next day, I received a call in the morning that Moses was held in custody in Central Police Station after getting in trouble the previous night. We followed up but in the end , I would like to point out that I took action and terminated my contract with him for misconduct and alcohol abuse in our office premises which is against my company's policy.

I have since kept in touch with him from time to time and I've been aware that all along the whole issue is a family matter that was still In control.
I don't want to dwell on that since its an ongoing investigation but my concern came after seeing the article that was circulating on social media.
The published article was the inverse of what I had known all along.
I then went ahead and called him to check what was going on as he was now being accused of some gruesome stuff.
He still maintained his innocence on the issue.

His version still remains that they were drinking in the office, an argument arose and his girlfriend left hurriedly.
He went after her in an attempt to cool her down and tell her its too late to leave in such a state without transport means and so on.
Further, he claims to have known that that if she was flagged down around my office drunk, I'd have fired him anyway so he had convince her to cool down.
So after going back to lock the office he found that the lady had jumped from the building, from 12th floor to 9th floor (pictures attached). He rushed to call for help and luckily the security guards were there to help.
Now I went a step further and called his girlfriend.
Turns out the story published; coursing media outbursts, wasn't given with her consent or version of events. It was written randomly by a blogger with either intentions of fame, attention or something else.

On her side, she was drunk and doesn't quite remember what exactly transpired that night, only the argument but being thrown off? Not exactly.
Now I am not posting this to choose sides or decide on an ongoing investigation but to set things clear from maybe a more different perspective and version of events.
I understand that the Internet, like all societies and social setups has angry, joyous, curious and militant frames.
So I am only voicing my concerns on this issue as the media outbursts, hate, people being fired and so on without the media or the involved parties looking into tbe story with the keenness required sickens me and I presume everyone else out here.
I also can't stand the posts and status updates clearly formulated towards a certain goal by random people who don't even know where the incident took place and when or damn even anything about it.

I hope my version of events gives you an idea of what you were posting few days ago :)) and maybe let Justice prevail.
I also know, as a matter of fact, that the judgement on this case will be based on evidence, law and facts before the court; NOT hysteria, hash tags, feminism or popular opinion, and reducing such a serious incident to just 'men' is opportunistic lobbying and should be avoided at all costs.
Let's put trust in our judicial system that all sides will be heard, enough evidence gathered, and a fair decision will be made in the end.
All the different issues addressed like rape, domestic violence and so on should not be encouraged at all costs and perpetrator should be punished accordingly. But let's not forget that all this can happen to either males or females.
Here's my last take out for y'all KINGS, I know for as long you are quiet everyone will think you're alright. When down, make sure you try and be a liver of life, create new hobbies and don't just reduce it to alcohol intake or a way of escape; avoiding excess consumption makes you cool, more careful, genuine and intentional.
And for you QUEENS, make sure you still have your crown on, take time with men. How i wish you would behave the same way our mothers did in the 70's.

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