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  1. Kijana wa Msituni

    Juliana Cherera

    Seems someone just opened a fake page of Commissioner Juliana Cherara 6 Hours ago and posted this in response to IEBC Chair Chebukati. I may be wrong but she always addresses the public on TV in front of the Media and not thru social Media pages.The page is quickly gaining followers Weh
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    Chebukati's response to 4 commissioners Weh

    Response by Chebukati regarding the 4 IEBC Commisioners.
  3. Kijana wa Msituni

    Wameanza mapema sana

    Police in Karatina, Nyeri County thwarted an attempt by a group of people to occupy a piece of land owned by KenyaRailways that DP-elect Rigathi Gachagua had promised to settle them there once William Ruto took over power.
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    Why Emmy Cheruto is trending on Social Media

    Emmy Cheruto is Trending after her demeaning comment...A quick check on her bio shows she is a God fearing Lady...Check below
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    Mmeona post Babu Owino amedelete Weh

    Babu Owino just posted this then deleted.
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    Hizi headlines joh

  7. Kijana wa Msituni

    Official presidential results

    Mmeona hii presidential results from Nation....Weh Votes 10,697,458 votes tallied 211 of 291 constituencies You can refresh the results using this link>>> Chebukati will officially announce the winner tomorrow 15th August.
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    The Amount of Money the Governor Lost Weh

    A kenyan vying for the seat of Governor made a confession of the amount of Money lost when contesting for the Governor seat Weh
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    Mmeona results za Tuko na Mpasho Weh

    Mmeona hii results
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    Mmeona kenye Boniface Mwangi amepost

    Mmeona kenye Boniface Mwangi amepost??
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    Watch this video..Mrembo hakumfanyia poa

    Kukua simp si kitu poa.Huyo mrembo alimtumia vibaya Weh...Kwanza after all the things amefanyia Mother ya Huyo dem... Watch the video below
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    Mmeona hio billboard Ad iko Nyali Bridge

    Mmeona hio Billboard iko Nyali Bridge. "Nitarudisha Port Yenu" Naishaa 😂😂😂
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    Wameeka another Billboard pale Thika Road

    Another Billboard on Thika Road just before Muthaiga....
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    Why Azziad is Trending

    Mmeona hii....Weh
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    Whatsapp trending poster

    This was allegely in Moi university on Saturday...I believe these are FALSE and should be ignored...Hii ni propaganda tu
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    Why Greenspot Gardens Kamakis Trending

    Why Greenspot Gardens is Trending...
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    Lee Njiru President's pressman Book

    Lee Njiru released his book this week and it's already Trending and a must read..its one interesting book.. read below snippets from the book
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    Mmeona hii Billboard Ad Weh

    Have you seen this Billboard?? And it's not photoshop weh
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    Latest Kenyans Jobs

    Job Vacancies - Equity Afia ( Thika Makongeni ) 1) Front Office Assistant. 2) Nursing Officer . 3) Pharmaceutical Technologist . 4) Laboratory Technologist. 5) Business Development Executive. How to Apply If you match the above qualifications, send your CV, cover letter and copies of your...