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  1. Kijana wa Msituni

    Newspaper headlines Today Monday 19th April 2021

    Here are Today's Newspaper headlines Monday 19th April 2021
  2. Kijana wa Msituni

    Police hire guns and Police uniform to Criminals...Citizen TV News Investigation

    Here is the Trending investigation from Citizen TV of how Police hire out their guns and police uniforms to criminals....Weh...Watch the shocking Video below
  3. Kijana wa Msituni

    The Sad story of Catherine Nyokabi,She was Killed by the Boyfriend

    What was initially planned to be a meeting to reconcile two lovebirds ended in tragedy after the woman was brutally murdered and her body left in a car at Witeithie in Juja, Kiambu, on Wednesday Catherine Nyokabi, 24, was last seen alive when she left her house in Nairobi’s Kasarani estate on...
  4. Kijana wa Msituni

    Guy in the leaked video sucking tiddies finally speaks

    Nairobi-based lawyer Harrison Musyoka has distanced himself from a trending video shared on social media showing him and an alleged girlfriend in a rather compromising position. If you haven't watched the leaked Trending video, here is the link>>>https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFF4Up49Rl5mWEB_Sw...
  5. Kijana wa Msituni

    Newspaper headlines Today Saturday 10th April 2021

    Here are Today's newspaper headlines Saturday 10th April 2021.
  6. Kijana wa Msituni

    Poland/Sweden jobs a Scam? (Video)

    You remember the guy who was telling kenyans to pay 400k for berry picking job Sweden . There is the documentary about berry picking in sweden, The job is seasonal , it last for 6 to 9 weeks. You will earn btn 500k to 600k, your accomodation will cost about 100k per month, The job involves...
  7. Kijana wa Msituni

    Covid 19 survivors suffer Brain disease..Weh

    As many as one in three people infected with Covid-19 have longer term mental health or neurological symptoms, researchers reported Tuesday. They found 34% of Covid-19 survivors received a diagnosis for a neurological or psychological condition within six months of their infection, according...
  8. Kijana wa Msituni

    Todays newspaper headlines Monday 5th April 2021

    Here are Today's Kenyan Newspaper headlines Monday 5th April 2021.
  9. Kijana wa Msituni

    Newspaper headlines today Friday April 2021

    Here are Today's newspaper headlines Friday 2nd April 2021.
  10. Kijana wa Msituni

    Radio Africa to counter-sue Shaffie Weru 150 Million...Weh

    After Shaffie Weru threatened to sue Radio Africa to a tune of Sh21 million for ‘unlawful termination’ . Radio Africa are now threatening to counter-sue him to a tune of 150 Million for the 'inappropriate' comments he made on live radio. In its case against Shaffie, Radio Africa and its...
  11. Kijana wa Msituni

    Huyu aliamua kuambia Wakenya Ukweli about Cofit

    Let me share below tweet by Brian K Boen .He shared his sentiments regarding Government and Covid 19 saga.Is he spitting facts and truth?? Read below 👇👇👇 Shared from Brian Boen on Twitter The truth is, the government need loans and grants from donors such as the world bank and IMF. Uhuru and...
  12. Kijana wa Msituni

    Money Shaffie Weru gets in the bank after tax every month

    By now you know what Shaffie Weru gets in a Month.He gets a gross of Ksh.682K per month.We have not yet deducted the tax to know the real amount he gets in the bank. Did the calculations as seen below of the amount of tax deducted from his gross salary to get an estimate. He gets deducted...
  13. Kijana wa Msituni

    The Real reason Why China is giving Loans to Kenyan Government

    I came a across this video detailing the reasons why China is generous in giving out loans in Kenya.From the video they have a hidden agenda and interests that will surprise you.Just watch the video below
  14. Kijana wa Msituni


    Here are the list of approved vaccine centres you can get your Covid 19 vaccine...Some do not even have queues I have also attached Ministry of Health document showing all the centres in Kenya Anyone can take the jab.
  15. Kijana wa Msituni


    A photo of a lady who died in 2013 and then resurrected in 2021 caused a stir online recently The lady known as Madam Angela Mumbua died in 2013. Shockingly, the same photo was printed on certain newspaper indicating that the lady now known as Madam Charity Wanjiru made a medical appeal. It is...
  16. Kijana wa Msituni

    How and Why Jack Dorsey sold his first Tweet

    By now many of you know Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sold Twitter's first tweet for Millions. It has come as a shock to many as to why someone could waste money on a tweet and can be viewed by simply searching on Twitter. It's because of NFT(Non-Fungible Token) ...It's something unique and can't...
  17. Kijana wa Msituni

    A Lady stabs 3 men and drinks their blood in Kahawa West

    A youthful woman from Kamae in Kahawa West, Kiambu County was on Wednesday, March 24, arrested after she stabbed three men in horrifying circumstances. One of the men died, whereas the other two were critically injured. It remains to be ascertained whether the deceased was the suspect’s...
  18. Kijana wa Msituni

    Never before seen photo of Magufuli's only daughter

    Magufuli died, May his soul rest in Peace...Few people know about his only daughter. Apart from being a president; we also understand Magufuli enjoyed being a family man and a dad as his close friends often referred to him as baba Jesca. However we never got to meet the alleged Jesca; until...
  19. Kijana wa Msituni

    Watu wa Kunyonga Monkey search this word pale Youtube

    Search this word on youtube and thank me later>>>1. African Basotho celebrate heritage day 2.malekula isolated tribe You will see videos like this one below????